Terms and Conditions

The information that you supply in your application, along with your CV and supporting documents, is used solely to assess your suitability for employment with Crown Law. This information is held securely and confidentially at our offices. Under the Privacy Act 1993, you have a right to access and correct your personal information, unless covered by exception under the Act.

You understand that any incorrect, misleading or omitted information may disqualify you from appointment, or if already appointed, your employment may be terminated. Any false information given in relation to the health section of this form may result in your loss of entitlement to any work-related compensation as well as possible dismissal from employment.

Any information you provide as part of your application, including information about you that we receive from referees, assessments or interviews, may be used for the selection process. If you are offered the position, any of this information that is relevant to our decision may be disclosed to a person requesting a review under s 65 of the State Sector Act 1988. However, we will not disclose any health information you provide without your specific consent.

By submitting this form you are confirming that the information contained in those documents, along with this form, is true and correct.

By applying for this role, you consent to Crown Law seeking verbal or written information about you on a confidential basis from the referees that you nominate.  Or for a legal position, to obtain information about you from the New Zealand Law Society or the applicable overseas law society to confirm your professional record as provided and you authorise the information requested to be released.

You understand that if there is any change in your circumstances which affect the answers that you give, you will send written advice of this change to Crown Law up until the point of any appointment being made